Over the years we have widened our role to encompass the various aspects of designing for manufacturability for reallife components and assemblies.

We take an integrated approach to understand our Clients requirements and provide the best ‘value for money’ for their Equipment. Flexibility of manufacturing processes is the key to our success. We estimate the time and costs necessary for manufacturing the job on hand. We iterate on the execution plans from manufacturability with cost and quality


Quality Policy

CEPL is committed to the goal of Total Customer Satisfaction. We will strive for continual improvement in every sphere of our activity.

We will aim at understanding and meeting all quality expectations of our customer. This shall be achieved through safe and environmental friendly practices Successful implementation of this policy, as a team, will ensure our growth and prosperity.

Quality Objective

Top management has ensured that quality objectives, including those needed to meet requirements for the product are established at relevant functions and levels within CEPL. The Quality Objectives are measurable and consistent with the Quality Policy.

The Quality Objectives are defined as follows:

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    On-Time Delivery

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    Analysis Of Customer Complaints.

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    Non-Conformance Analysis

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    Team Activities Monitoring

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    Planned Improvement For Quality and Productivity.

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    Monitoring Safety Measures

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    Supplier’s Performance Review

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    Monitoring of Continual Improvement Projects.

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    Value Addition Monitoring


We keep in touch with the state of the art requirements of our clients and build-up our expertise wherever we do not have it

We are in tune with the current technology, be it design tools, raw materials, machining tools, surface treatment processes, test and measuring equipment or communication with our clients.

Raw Material Machined

We have machined variety of raw materials like Extruded Aluminum – HE20WP, HE30WP, 6061T6, Cast Aluminum- 5053 24, 25; Stainless steels grades of 200, 300 and 400 series; Steel of all varieties in cast and drawn form; Cast steel Graded cast iron; All types of brass and brass alloys; Selective assorted non ferrous material; MDH, UHMW; etc.

Surface Treatments

We undertake surface treatments like anodizing, plating, powder coating, electroless nickel plating (ENP), sand blasting, etc. We have stable infrastructure of specialized and reliable processors developed by us over the last 2 decades who carry out some of the treatments at our own premises, increasing the predictability by reducing transportation.

Customized Solutions

Our Creative Engineering is the Foundation of our Work and it’s a craft we have perfected over the years. We not only look at several alternative solutions to the design and manufacturing processes but also search for equivalent cost effective alternative raw material, casting used, cutting tools and surface treatments.

The focus of these solutions is to give the desired result with best ‘value for money’ to the customers. We estimate the time and costs necessary for manufacturing the job on hand. We iterate on the execution plans from manufacturability with cost and quality as the basis. We work out the Jigs and fixtures to arrive at the optimum product for our clients.


  • More than 20 nos. Vertical Milling machine with simultaneous 4-axis and 5-axis capabilities
  • More than 12 nos. Turning machines
  • DMG Mori make NLX 2500/700 SY Turnmill
  • FANUC Robocut Alpha-C600iB wirecut machine with extended Z-axis 410 mm stroke
  • Capiq is also equipped with full fledge conventional machine shop with Milling machines, Lathes, Drills, etc. to take care of its tooling, fixtures and to have cost effective machining for operations not requiring CNC machines.
  • 5 nos. Surface Grinding machines - ELB Schliff and Brown & Sharpe make
  • CNC operated ID/OD Cylindrical Grinding Machine
  • 10 nos. Honing machines
  • 1 nos. Hexagon Brown & Sharpe make CMM and 1 nos. Zeiss make CMM
  • Deep Hole drilling machine to drill holes from diameter 3 mm to 35 mm and upto length 600 mm

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